SSM ONLINE RENEW - Renew SSM Secara Online
How it works?

Step 1 : Just simple fill up our Renewal Form

Renewal Form : click here

Kindly fill in your SSM renewal detail into our renewal form first,
our system will do verification for your submission.

Step 2 : Waiting system verification &
Generated the statement

Within 5 - 60 sec you will get the instantly renewal statement or
receives our confirmation email statement link

Step 3 : Make your payment

Make your payment via internet banking or online transfer / FPX / ATM

Step 4 : SSM Renewal Completed

after payment, Within 15 minutes - 30 minutes,
you will receives email with your latest Borang E (SSM certificate) & business info

If you no receives your ssm certificate in 24 hours,
please wechat / whatsapp / livesupport 6011-56537549 to resend again.

Movie Guideline

Can I renew SSM online? My SSM was expired more than 1 year. Can I renew it? Can I register SSM? What is Business Information / Business Info? Compound / Late Renew How to pay for SSM renewal? Didn't receives latest SSM documents more than 24 hours?