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SSM Certificate & Business Info with CTC
SSM Certificate CTC
Sijil Perniagaan CTC
Business info CTC
Maklumat Perniagaan CTC
WHAT IS CTC ? A certified true copy (CTC) is the copy of a document that is stamped and signed as a true copy of the original by a person who is allowed to take declarations.

SSM Certificate & Business Info with Non-CTC
SSM Certificate Non-CTC
Sijil Perniagaan Non-CTC
Business info Non-CTC
Maklumat Perniagaan Non-CTC

Can I renew SSM online? My SSM was expired more than 1 year. Can I renew it? Can I register SSM? What is Business Information / Business Info? Compound / Late Renew How to pay for SSM renewal? Didn't receives latest SSM documents more than 24 hours?